What if we all assumed goodwill?

I’m part of a group called Assume Goodwill.    It’s built off a simple, powerful premise that people want to help.      By making that assumption, asking for help becomes easier, new ideas flow freely, and obstacles don’t seem as insurmountable.   

G.L. Hoffman, founder of Assume Goodwill,  lives this philosophy throughout his life and I can’t help but get excited about what the world would be like if we all did.    

If we all surround ourselves with people we respect and assume they are willing to help, trusting they will do the right thing shouldn't be a stretch.    

Sure, we might get burned from time by time.  But if we took all the time we spent putting up barriers to protect against what might go wrong and instead focused that time on assuming goodwill; I’m willing to bet the results will speak for themselves.